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The EF3000iSE leverages innovative inverter technology, producing quiet, high-quality power and exhaust that clears the world's toughest emissions standards.

Despite its sizeable power, the EF3000iSE is whisper-quiet, producing noise levels ranging from 54.5 to a maximum of 61 dB - and because it's mounted on four wheels, moving it around couldn't be easier. The Smart Throttle / Economy Control feature automatically adjusts engine speed to match the load, for greater fuel efficiency and reduced engine wear.

Price = $2599 (+tax)

This lightweight and compact model generates the cleanest and most consistent electrical power available, making it ideal for running sensitive electronic equipment.

Weighing just 30.5 kg , the compact EF2800i features a special design that combines a cooling fan for both engine and generating unit in one space-saving unit. This unique design keeps the EF2800i light, so it's perfect for any occasion when you need heavy-duty power that's easy to move from place to place. 

Price = $1999 (+tax)

Choosing the right Generator for your needs is an important decision. Below you will find the models that we currently have in stock. Don't see the unit you need? CLICK HERE to see the full list of YAMAHA INVERTERS, and CLICK HERE to see the list of YAMAHA GENERATORS. Not sure which option to go with? CLICK HERE to see a brochure that explains the differences to help you make the right decision for your needs or give us a call.      

We offer great financing options through Dealer Finance and Yamaha, right in store, to make purchasing one of these units quick, easy and hassle free. 

They come in handy for multiple recreational, work and home needs. Whether you need one for your cabin, a back up for your home, or the work site out in the bush, they can truly make life a lot easier. We can bring in any size you need. Just give us a call. 

Looking for more power but still want excellent portability? Connecting two EF2000iST inverter units together will provide a rated 3000 watts and 25 amps of clean power.

Quiet, durable and convenient, the new Yamaha EF2000iST is designed for anyone seeking an ultra-portable source of electricity. The new "T" version, based on the popular EF2000iS, has the special ability to "twin" two units together. Weighing only 21 kg (46 lbs.) and featuring an extra-large handle for easy transport the EF2000iST is ready to deliver clean, quiet power wherever and whenever you want it. 

Price = $1499 ea (+tax)

*When purchased together, comes with FREE cable

(a $200 value!)

Don't see what you need? We can bring in almost any model and size. Just give us a call for a quote.